He dreamed of sailing away. I dreamed of settling down.


Many people have dreamed of escaping reality and sailing away to remote islands, but few have actually done it. My husband, John, dreamed of a sailing life. I dreamed of settling down. We began with a compromise, living on a romantic ferryboat in Long Island Sound, both of us still working on land. John wore jeans and topsiders to his high-pressure New York City advertising job while his colleagues wore suits. Our next home was a leaky sailboat.

When our daughter was seven, we left our quaint Connecticut farmhouse behind and sailed to the Caribbean. We were terrified to sail in the dark.  Throughout the voyage, I questioned whether we should turn back as the sailing became scarier and in remote places, our lively daughter became quieter. Towards the end, though, I took charge during a deadly hurricane in Guatemala when John was away on business. Now, years later, John has passed away but my spirit of adventure lives on.


HOLDING FAST is a love story that came out of thirty years on boats, and regular attendance at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. In between sails, I earned a B.A. at Barnard College and M.A. in psychology at Columbia University. For many years, I ran a successful market research company. My essays have appeared in literary journals such as Daily Palette (Iowa Review), r.kv.r.y quarterly, and sailing magazines such as Living Aboard. Currently, I'm enjoying a landbound adventure in New Orleans.






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