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Behind the Book Cover

Benedetta C. Vialli (Benedetta C. Vialli), a marvelous illustrator from Italy, designed  the cover. She had designed a friend's book cover (Susan Landry), and I love her work.


When she asked for my ideas, I mentioned blue, the sea, a boat, and maybe a way to show something about my relationship with my husband, John. Although Benedetta and I communicated about a few details over the next weeks, she offered no hint about what she was coming up with. I was dying to know and also at peace not knowing. 


A few weeks ago, while visiting my daughter Kate in Vancouver, Washington, I was watching my grandson play in his room before a nap and scrolling idly through my inbox when Benedetta's initial cover sketches landed like a bolt of lightning. 


The sketches deeply touched on my feelings about our voyage, and John, Kate and me. When John passed away five years ago, I was working on an early draft of the book. I didn't yet understand that although our voyage was the backdrop, the story was really about our relationships, and how we all changed. John had a great visual sense and I was used to relying on him to choose images or colors. As I pondered which sketch to choose, I knew pretty quickly which one I wanted. I think he would be happy with what I chose.


I'm very proud to introduce Holding Fast's cover! 



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