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An Award on Move-in Day

Readers Favorite Award Certificate


Holding Fast was entered for several awards early in the year. On the August day I moved into my new apartment in Vancouver, Washington, I received a notice that I had won a Bronze Medal in the non-fiction adventure category in the Readers Favorite Awards! I took it as a great omen for the move and for the new book that I am currently working on.


In my twenties, I lived on a romantic old wooden ferryboat on Long Island Sound with John, who would become my husband. I had never been on the water before, and though at times it was scary, I loved the adventure of never knowing what would happen next (a broken steering cable, a local fisherman dropping off a fresh bluefish). Up to that time, I had a more orderly life.


In my childhood, changes were drastic and frightening, losing what I loved with nothing to replace it. It's taken a lifetime of adventure to have faith that although a new situation may not be what I'm used to, it could amaze me.


How do you deal with change?


Here's a link to the Holding Fast excerpt running in Blue Water Sailing along with some fabulous pictures from our voyage. Check it out! The excerpt begins on page 12. Laughing Goat: A Family Adventure


Read more about the boat in my memoir Holding Fast which outlines the sailing journey I took with my husband and daughter.





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