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#1 on Amazon!!!!

#1 in Travel Biographies & Memoirs, Sailing, and Adventurer & Explorer Biographies



I'm so proud that Holding Fast is #1 in three categories on Amazon: Travel Biographies & Memoirs, Sailing, and Adventurer & Explorer Biographies!!! I want to thank readers and supporters, without whom it would not have been possible. 


I hope that my late husband John got wind of it somehow. He would get a kick out of people reading our story, in his view, a series of crises and misadventures that we scraped through by the skin of our teeth. It made me think of how different it was to write about our story than to experience it. In the moment, it was terror, joy, panic, pride... not knowing what would happen next. 


In writing about it, especially the less stellar moments, I had to grapple with my own reluctance to portray us as anything less than heroes. It was only in later drafts that I was able to write about it more honestly.


I moved to Washington a couple of months ago, and it's my first fall up North in in over twenty years. I'm enjoying the fall colors, and hope you are enjoying fall, wherever you may be!


If you want to read about my sailing adventure with my husband and young daughter, you can find it here:




Blue Water Sailing is running an excerpt from Holding Fast, beginning on page 14:


First Passage: Sailing to the Bahamas














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