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Dad and me

Susan and her dad, Louis Cole, at their house in Cleveland Heights, Ohio



I'm working away on my new book. It will be about my dad and me. He died of heart disease when I was ten and it was not until later that I realized how much I loved him and how central he was to my life. I'm writing the book to reclaim our relationship, understand all that happened and why.


I'm very excited that I've booked an appointment at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio, where I grew up. My dad emigrated with his family from Belarus in 1902, driven out by the pogroms against Jews. He was one. When his mother died, his dad put him and his younger brother in a local orphanage, and the Historical Society has records of the orphanage, as well as other records pertinent to my parents' early lives.


It will be my first trip to Cleveland in many years. I'm thrilled and nervous. I don't know exactly where it will all lead, but I want to find out. More updates to follow.


In the meantime, I'm looking forward to March 22nd when I will be at the Oregon Women's Sailing Association at Rose City Yacht Club in Portland to talk about my sailing adventure with my husband and young daughter that I wrote about in Holding Fast, with a book-signing to follow; and to April 15th, when I'll be in Ridgefield, Washington at the Northwest Garage Sale with a group of Pacific Northwest authors and our books.


If you'd like to read more about my sailing adventure with my husband and daughter, please go here.


Hope you're all starting to—or will very soon—enjoy early glimmers of spring!



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